Extenuating Circumstances

by Phil Circle and Guilty

Released 1997
Guilty By Association Records
Released 1997
Guilty By Association Records
"Defies rock, blues and jazz...the best of all possible worlds." In The Mix Magazine
About Phil Circle and Guilty

His work with the crossover band Guilty brought reviewer words like "rocks," "first rate" and "visionary" to describe his songwriting. In The Mix Magazine said, "If the United States has anything to offer to the world stage of music, music like this is it." With nine years of booking, managing, producing, and writing for Guilty now behind him, he moves in new musical directions.

Singer/songwriter/guitarist Phil Circle arrived back in Chicago from Albuquerque, New Mexico, more than a decade ago and jumped into the local music scene. Within a few years, a degree in music under his belt and countless live performances behind him, he founded Guilty. Based in the roots of rock, jazz and blues, and comprising a line-up of as many as eleven members, the group was a juggernaut. Male and female vocals, guitars, horns, drums and percussion, and even fiddle brought to life a band with multiple personalities.

They recorded a studio CD in 1997 called Extenuating Circumstances; two live releases, one on WZRD Radio, a second unreleased at The Hard Rock Café; and with four unreleased studio tracks from 2001, the band broke up.

Phil Circle continued as a solo artist with band accompaniment as needed. But he never used a band name again, falling back on the advice given him by a friend many years prior... "You're the band, man. It should never be called anything but Phil Circle." Now Phil understood why. It felt less like ego and more like self preservation. Guilty's music is not available anywhere but here. Even the CD is no longer in production, as it was burned through EMI. Of the 2000 copies released, there may be a few left online somewhere. Phil owns two.

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